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How to become an authority, with Brian Clark

How to become an authority with Brian Clark

Downloadable PDF Martin: Hello and welcome to a dedicated interview show for PYB. This week joined by Brian Clark from Copyblogger. And the reason it’s dedicated, probably because we’re chatting off air, I’m excited. He knows I’m excited. I get very excited about these things. Because Brian has influenced PYB more than Brian realizes. He…

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Choosing your Google Plus Community Image

Choosing your Google Plus community image

A quick tip for community owners on the difference between you logo/image being displayed on desktop to mobile. As you can see, here is how it displays on a desktop: And this is how it displays on a mobile: As you can see, the mobile version is in a circle, but desktop is in a…

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Google Search Tips for Restaurants (Tip One)

Google Search Tips for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant in the US (and maybe beyond), then by adding a menu to your website you may well benefit from people seeing that information brought over into their Search Results. This is certainly the case for some restaurants I’ve searched for in the San Francisco area. As you can see below:…

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How should you ask people to share your ‘stuff’ on Google+?

Martin Shervington edit

Quick tip – once you’ve built a relationship with someone you will often find they will naturally engage on your content. You will also discover many people have formed teams on Google+, either officially e.g. working together in a community, or through a less formal structure. Whatever way, people sharing your content across the network…

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