How to create a custom ‘Google Map’

A step-by-step guide to creating a custom Google Map!

Map creation Thanks to Rey Ley for proving this information for fellow PYB member! Creating a map is a fairly simple process when you have the correct information: Enter into Google Maps Engine Sign in by pressing the Sign in button in the top right corner of the map Make sure the search box is…

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How many businesses in your area are on Google Maps?

How many businesses in your area are on Goolge Maps-

Here is a lovely tip to quickly find the businesses with pages set up already on Google Maps. This then allows you to click into a listing and then see if a page has been claimed, or not. Note: If it has not been claimed you will see a +1 button and not a follow…

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Why use a URL shortener?

Why use URL shorteners-

Why use a URL shortner? The links that we often share can be very long and unmemorable. A shortner gets around that. It is also a great way to get some instant stats on which links are clicked. Memorable link name You can give people a handy, memorable link e.g. (not a real one!)…

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What do you need to claim a custom URL on YouTube?

What do you need to claim a custom URL on YouTube-

I was hunting around in reference to Google+ Pages, and found this help article which shows the latest requirements. It would seem that being to simply link your website to your Google+ Page! This is NEW this week. Thanks Peggy K for putting that on my radar. Eligibility requirements (from the article above) To get…

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Why is Google+ causing a stir in Europe?

Why is Google+ getting attention in

We’ve been saying for a while now that everyone business needs to get on ‘the map’ and we are running worldwide projects to help people do just that. But some people have said that Google+ is a waste of time and people shouldn’t bother. Well, the tide is turning and their is even a smart-marketing…

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What pages are not eligible to be Google Local Pages?

What pages are not eligible to be Google Local Pages-

This recently came up as a question in the PYB Level 1 community. If, for instance you business is comparison website, then that is an ineligible business model for a Local business page. Instead you will need to get a regular Brand Page. (Thanks Nick Rink for the info) From this Google Help Page: Ineligible…

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How to create a 24/7 Google Hangout!

How to create a 24-7 Google Hangout!

Now, when you start a Google hangout, you will be given the option to give people a ‘permalink’. That means that every time in the future, even if you are not ‘in the hangout’ people will be able to hop on in. Tip: In order to make sure you are always in control, this is…

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