Why Google+ may deliver the best economic punch on the web

Mark Schaefer

Much has been written about the business benefits of an engaged presence on Google+.  And while most of this discussion has been centered on the undeniable business benefits of connecting the dots with Google in a way that ultimately benefits search, today I’m going to propose an alternate and powerful view you might have overlooked….

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Digital Marketing Agency: Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring One

Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve finally hit the point where you need help. You’ve got a million and one responsibilities, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to give every marketing channel the attention and care they deserve.  To top it all off, keeping up with the steady flow of changes to platforms and tools simply takes…

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Choosing your Google Plus Community Image

Choosing your Google Plus community image

A quick tip for community owners on the difference between you logo/image being displayed on desktop to mobile. As you can see, here is how it displays on a desktop: And this is how it displays on a mobile: As you can see, the mobile version is in a circle, but desktop is in a…

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Google Search Tips for Restaurants (Tip One)

Google Search Tips for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant in the US (and maybe beyond), then by adding a menu to your website you may well benefit from people seeing that information brought over into their Search Results. This is certainly the case for some restaurants I’ve searched for in the San Francisco area. As you can see below:…

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How to make a custom Google Hangouts Lower Third

Google Hangouts Lower Third

One of the coolest things about Google+ is Hangouts.  I’ll confess, I’ve always wanted to be on TV. I never wanted to be an actress, but I was fascinated with real people on TV and wished I could be like them.  I was in awe of Miss Jean, and Romper Room, when I was young….

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