Streamline your Social Media with Friends+Me and Google+

Friends+ me

Friends+Me will help you to save a lot of time dealing with social media. Keep reading! Every small and mid-sized business owner know that social media presence is a necessity these days. Time does not grow on trees and helpful tool can come in handy. That's where Friends+Me as a cross-promotion service comes to play....

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Everything the Google+ Community Needs to Know About ClearVoice

Clearvoice PYB

Download PDF Martin: Hello. This is Martin, and today’s event is Everything the Google+ Needs to About Clear Voice. And to take us through, we have the cofounder and chief executive of Clear Voice, Joe Griffin. Hello Joe. He is there. Joe: Hello. Martin: Very good indeed. And joined by the one and onlines David...

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PYB Academy Featured Member: an interview with Michel Reibel

Featured Plus Your Business Member Michel Reibel

Michel Reibel is a fan of smart and simple. He believes that the transformation of ideas into value-added projects requires skill and strategy. And these are not mere “looking-good-on-my-profile” words. This is what Michel actually achieves at WebKiss*, the company he founded back in 2012. What he does there, together with his team, is provide solutions...

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The Power to 'Recommend' on Google Plus

The Power to 'Recommend'on Google plus

What's it all about?

For some time now, Google+ has a nifty little feature feature whereby individuals find recommended content in their stream through the process of someone in their circles +1ing a post.
This is a really powerful new tool for business and anyone interested in content spreading through a network. 

Google Business View: Step Inside the Sage Group Headquarters

Step Inside the Sage Group Headquarters new

When 'Plus Your Business' was approached to write a promotional piece about Sage's Google Business View, we jumped at the chance! After all, it is the first FTSE100 company to get with the future of Google in this way! What's it all about? Google Business View, the commercial Street View service offered by Google Maps,...

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Everything you need to know about mobile marketing but were afraid to ask!

Jamie Turner

Everything you want to know - PDF Transcript - PDF Martin: Hello, this is Martin. Today we are going to be talking Mobile. For those of you watching live, we are starting a little late because myself and Jamie had been chatting. We would have totally taken up an hour talking. But we thought we...

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