Fast Track!

Looking to upgrade from our 'Quickstarter' package?
Well, we can help you go much further than you could ever go on your own!
This is a one-on-one/team service; it also includes Google+ Page and Community management.

Fast Track! promises to turbo-boost your business' presence on Google+, leading to a higher profile and more, better qualified enquiries.

This service covers:

  • Google Authorship and 'Publisher' Website integration - to get you started
  • Google+ Tactics - We show you the top ways to build engagement and your personalized global network.
  • Google+ Niche Authority Building - We'll help you become the leader in your field
  • Google+ Management Tips -  We'll help you tame your 'stream' and create really effective 'engagement' circles
  • Google+ Page Building - We either show you how to build pages that deliver results, or we can do it for you
  • Google+ Community Building - We will help you bring people together, and engage like never before
  • Secrets of Social SEO - Maximize your time and your results with these awesome tips.
  • Content Marketing Using Google+ - We will help you turn your content into traffic
  • Google+ campaigns, including viral marketing and 'trending' - We'll show you how the system works and help you reach new Google+ heights
  • Google Hangouts For Teams - We'll increase your efficiency using Google+ with Google Hangouts and Drive
  • Google Semantic Search - Strategic direction and tactics to make the most of the new semantic web
  • And we will connect you to the people who matter to you most...

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