Headed by Director Martin Shervington, Plus Your Business is a social media and search agency, with a fantastic history of world-beating results. Martin himself is a marketing psychologist, author, speaker and consultant, with over 17 years of experience.

Plus Your Business boasts a handpicked team of some of the digital space’s best thinkers and doers and they serve a global client base with wisdom, experience and passion.

Plus Your Business are proud of being at the leading edge of digital thinking and practical implementation around social and search magnification. We’ve trained hundreds of consultants and worked with thousands of diverse clients across the globe. We’ve built relationships with some of the largest enterprises, as well as having researched the local business market more than anyone on the planet.

Drop us a line. Working with Plus Your Business will take your business ahead of the curve

Web strategy

The right strategy means the right tactics, giving you focused messaging targeted at an engaged audience. We can quickly help you get your online efforts moving in the right direction

Social marketing

Imagine having your first 1000 online fans spreading the word about your awesomeness in just three months

Paid advertising

Let us focus your advertising spend correctly, leaving you time to focus on what you’re brilliant at, your business

Building your brand

Our approach to brand employs a variety of disciplines and tools. Everything we do is focused on getting your messages to the right consumers, in the right way, to make them fall in love with your brand

Engaging your community

An engaged, enthusiastic and productive community is a vital tool in growing a fan base for your business. It’s all about spreading the word and enabling a productive two-way dialogue

Increasing conversions

Once you’ve got that great community it’s all about action. Whether you’re looking to grow dwell time, shares or increase sales, we can help provoke the right actions within your community and provide up-to-the minute measurement across all KPIs

"When it comes to social media, Martin Shervington is one of the most clever and hardworking people you’ll find. He’ll help take your game to the next level."

Guy KawasakiChief Evangelist for Canva.com

"Reviews are the lifeblood of most local companies, and Martin and his team provide the wisdom and guidance you need to master this business imperative."

Jay Baer Author, Speaker & Marketing Strategist.

"@MartinSherv...can help YOU grow your business. Smart guy. :)"

Chris BroganNew York Times Best-selling Author