Analyzing your Google+ Page Content using SNA

By October 16, 2013Google Plus
Analyzing your Google+ Page Content using SNA


Analyzing your Google+ page content and the engagement it receives using SNA (social network analysis) provides some valuable insights – specifically: Who are your main advocates?

Why is this important to know?

If you have a popular G+ Page, like the example of Google+’s above, then time can be very short in supply.

Being able to quickly identify who does what with your content takes the guesswork out of managing a page and enables you manage your circles more effectively. E.g. You can put people that are consistently re-sharing your content into one circle – and place higher priority on checking their posts on G+. This will deepen the relationship you have with them.

How do you get to find yours?

Well, using the new functionality that we launched this week follow the steps below:

1)   Sign into then click

2)   Click Load Other’s Activities

3)   Enter your page’s 21 digit Google ID (e.g. (which is Google+’s ) you need only enter the number highlighted in yellow

4)   Click ‘Search’

NOD3x now starts pulling in approximately 100 of your posts that your page has published and at the same time the engagement each post has received… This can take a few minutes as it pulls the data in real-time (good time to make a coffee)

When the network (graph) first loads it will look something like this:

nod3x network graph first load Which doesn’t really make a lot of sense, so let’s fix that…

Step 1 – Sort out the dots

This step will move all the nodes (dots) so that they correspond to each of respective posts. As you can see there are for node colors:

Blue = Original Posts

Green = Re-shares

Purple = Comments

Orange = +1s

Each of these nodes (except the blue ones that represent Google+’s posts) represents one person engaging with the content.

To sort the nodes correctly – click the green play button (shown below)

nod3x Fruchterman Reingold algorithm


Again, depending on how many posts and the amount of engagement you have on each of your page’s posts, it can take a few minutes to display.

When your network looks something like the following example hit the red stop button.

nod3x network graph after Fruchterman ReingoldNow this looks better… but still doesn’t really help me identify any clear advocates of my page or content.

Step 2 – Applying some filters

First, change the ‘Graph Order’ to Out-Degree, which will put the emphasis of the network on people that are engaging with your content. Then change the other layout options to the same as in the image below and then hit ‘Apply’.


Now our network visualization looks like this:

nod3x out degree centrality

It’s starting to make more sense now… we can see that some nodes in the centre are larger than others, and these are the ones we want to focus on – as they are the people that are engaging on our content the most.

So let’s apply another filter

Step 3 – reducing the noise

And by that I don’t mean that the other people in the graph aren’t important – far from it. This is purely a different focus from what we’re doing here.

On the right hand panel you will see ‘Filter Graph’ – move it one notch to the right like so…

nod3x filter graph slider

Your graph should now look something like this:

nod3x network showing main engagers

And this makes things a lot easier to interpret and understand.

From here we can really begin to see who engages with our content the most.

E.g. Who re-shares our content the most and which posts

nod3x network main re-sharer

Who comments on our content the most

nod3x network main commenter

Conclusion: how else will you use this?

Well, influencers can amplify your message so, another example is if you place the people that +1 your content the most in another circle you can ask them questions privately with regards to ‘what they are specifically looking for’ – that way, when you post content that ‘ticks their boxes’ (and mention them in the post) you are more like to get a re-share.

If you have any questions relating to the above please leave them in the comments below