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How to create a virtual work space using Google Hangouts


We are working on a series of posts around using Google Products and Services to build you global, virtual business. This is the first one. Step 1: Create a private Google+ Community Step 2: Set up a permanent hangout link and add it to the community links section. Then look to communicate within the community that the…

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How to work with a virtual assistant using Google+ Communities and Google Drive

Virtual Assistant

If you are looking to delegate work, then set up a private community for you and your virtual assistant. And include any other people who may require access but ask them to ‘turn off notifications’. (this means you can call them into the threads). Then set up a few categories. Not many.  Use a +mention…

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Supporting our community members in new ways!

Supporting Community Members

Let me run something past you… https://youtu.be/TBp1zfHXyUA Imagine you’ve built up a following on your Google+ Page of 10,000 people and you get great engagement when you post content. Would you give anyone admin rights to this Google+ Page? I mean, would you ‘just let people post their content’? You’ll probably say ‘no’. Right? Well,…

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How to become an authority, with Brian Clark

How to become an authority with Brian Clark

Downloadable PDF Martin: Hello and welcome to a dedicated interview show for PYB. This week joined by Brian Clark from Copyblogger. And the reason it’s dedicated, probably because we’re chatting off air, I’m excited. He knows I’m excited. I get very excited about these things. Because Brian has influenced PYB more than Brian realizes. He…

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