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A Guide to HOA Event Notifications

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Hangouts on Air Events are part of the social fabric of Google Plus. They are very valuable for the people viewing the broadcasts as well as those that are doing the broadcasting.

When a Hangout on Air (HOA) Event is done well, the Event page will act like a wonderful meeting area where people watching (and those presenting) can interact with each other, build relationships and easily identify those with shared interests.

However, inviting people to events, or knowing when you’ll receive notifications or alerts is still a bit of a mystery for most of us. Probably because Google doesn’t actually document what’s what in these areas since they are likely afraid of spammers causing “event abuse”.

How careful do you need to be to manage your circles if you are inviting people or circles to an Event? What if you invite someone who has already been invited by you or someone else? When and why do you get alerted about events, and what type of activity on an event page causes those alerts to show up? Who sees those alerts? And there are plenty more questions to ponder.

Here is a screenshot of many different types of notifications you might see related to HOA Events as shown in the Notification Sidebar on Google Plus. And this isn’t all of them!

Various types of Notofications & Alerts related to events

How can you manage what events you are invited to, or at least get alerts about? There are some answers we have figured out. A group of us gathered together to research, test and verify results regarding these and other questions for more than 17 weeks. What we ended up with will prove helpful for many.

We’ll be presenting our findings in a (you guessed it…) HOA Event on the topic. Below is the video embed from that HOA Event so you can watch it here, or you can visit the HOA Event page itself, look at more of the details and interact with others in the comments.

Since all of this also involves Hangouts on Air, if you’d like to become more skilled at using that very valuable tool for broadcasting your message, check out the training site where we Train You for Hangout Success.

Avoid This Costly HOA Event Mistake

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HOA Events are fantastic places to create interaction and build valuable relationships. They allow you to combine the power of a HOA (Hangout on Air) with the Event tool’s awesome ‘Landing Page’ features.

Events are pages on Google Plus that host activity that starts at a certain date and time.

We recently had an HOA Event to host a live video demonstration (HOA) on how to create and utilize HOA Events to encourage interaction and relationship building… watch how to properly setup a HOA Event here.

The problem surfaces when you are setting up the Event. Many people know they want the Event to hold an HOA so naturally they are looking for an HOA choice when the Event tool gives them options.

004 HOA Events

The main problem is that the tool currently does not have an HOA option listed. It has “Hangouts” or “event on air” but no HOA or Hangout on Air option.

The Event is one thing and the HOA is another… you bring the two of them together via the Event tool’s Advanced option that shows “more choices” and then the “YouTube URL” field.

That YouTube URL Event field is the special field you use to hold the HOA’s YouTube URL – which is only available to you once you have started up the HOA process just before show time.

005b HOA Process

Watch the HOA Event to see the process used to build HOA Event’s properly. 

If making HOA Events and utilizing Hangouts on Air is part of your plans, be sure to follow +Ronnie Bincer on Google Plus.