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Any modern business consultant will look at the role of technology to help you to GROW.

Right now your business flywheel is turning – you generate leads online, through networking, and through word-of-mouth recommendations. The question of how fast it turns, and how much revenue you generate is down to the energy in the system.

The temptation is to keep putting more and more energy into your business, but the reality is this…you need a new business engine that runs smoother.

The GROW process (exclusively from Plus Your Business!) consists of setting Goals, looking at the Resources of your current position (people, systems, processes), then improving your Organisation of your systems, processes and resources so you can then see where you are getting your Wins! (using appropriate metrics and dashboards), before returning back to how close you are to your goals. From there, you can reallocate resources better.

Increase transparency through better organisation, and reduce Friction through better processes and you will get better results.

The past:

Online Business Consultants would often say “you need a new website”.

The challenge is this…
A new website may look pretty but unless you address the underlying issues in your business it won’t make any difference to your results i.e. getting the right traffic, converting it to leads, and taking those people on a personalised and automated user journey to a point of sale.

The ‘now’:

People may recommend you “set up landing pages and ‘fire’ some traffic at them” – but this game is a short play as everyone who is already established in a digital field is doing the same thing. The price of ‘a click’ goes up, and you are left with a bidding war that ends up being won by the people with the deepest pockets.

The future:

Look instead at putting a new Growth Engine in the centre of your business and you enable your flywheel to spin faster and faster.

You do this by considering three factors:

  • Energy – the more you resource the business, the more the flywheel spins, but…
  • Friction – remove this, and you prevent loss and waste of that energy, then…
  • Transparency – creates connectedness of your systems, and the ability to observe and make changes to better fuel your business.

The question now is, are you ready to GROW? If so, click the button below and let’s get started.

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