Connect Google account to YouTube

By September 15, 2013YouTube
Connect Google account to YouTube

YouTube_logo_standard_whiteIf ever there was one area that spins most heads, it is working through all the permutations relating to linking Google+ and YouTube accounts.

DISCLAIMER: I am giving this content as guidelines only and my advice if your situation is not simple – employ an expert to help and I recommend Ronnie Bincer.

But if you want to delve into this area then here are a few of the scenarios…

New account

1. You have a fresh and shiny Google+ account – excellent, if you start a Hangout-On-Air you will be hand held through the process of linking the G+ account to a new YouTube channel.

You will also be given the choice of naming the channel, or renaming it in a ‘company/brand’ name.

Old YouTube account

2. You have a Google+  Profile and an old YouTube account to which you want to connect.

Ok, this is tricky, you cannot link your Google+ profile to another YouTube account. In essence, your G+ account has a YouTube channel ‘ready to go’ (even if you rename it) – and you cannot cross link them.

YouTube and Google+ with different log ins

3. You have a YouTube account you want to connect to a Google+ account that has different log in details to the ones for YouTube.

Same as #2 above, but the reverse situation.

As such, if you have a successful YouTube account you really should link that to the G+ Profile to which it connects i.e. log into G+ with those details. If you’ve already been building up an unrelated G+ account then you may need to make a decisions to start over if you want everything connected.

Linking a Google+ Page to YouTube on the same account log in

4. You have a Google+ profile and a Google+ Page from that account, and you want to link your Page to the channel.
Firstly you may need to unlink your Google+ Profile from the channel. More here.

If you go to there are instructions on the process.

Next, you will want to link your YouTube channel to a Google+ Page, which you can now do. If not sure, read this.

Another option is that, and this is where what I am suggesting may or may not work, you can now go to the Google+ Page and set up a Hangout-on-Air and you will be asked to connect it to a new YouTube channel. This should now work as you have unlinked the related Google+ Profile from that YouTube channel.

Linking a Google+ Page to a new YouTube channel

What if, as Grant Kegley asked in PYB, you have a “different login than my personal Google login.” And he says he “would like to link that page to my Google+ business page, of which I am the owner. The Google+ business page is, of course, connected to my personal Google+ profile.”

Ronnie Bincer says “as long as the existing G+ PAGE is not already connected to its own YouTube channel, you can pass over the Personal YoutTube channel to the Page. The requirement is that the ‘owner’ (you) of the YT channel being moved is also a manager (you) of the G+ Page. If that makes sense then it is fairly easy to do. You disconnect the personal YT channel’s G+ connection via YouTube Settings, then re-connect it to the G+ Page which will be one of the choices on the list of places to ‘connect’ your ‘disconnected’ channel.”

Naming the channel

You are still not there yet! Next you need to name the channel with a custom URL.

Start by do reading the official Google support material…
Thanks to Peggy K. for these 3 links (above and below) and Kamal Tailor for raising my awareness.

Add a custom URL to your YouTube channel:

The basic process is…

1. Go to your YouTube account settings

2. Click advanced

3. On the next screen change the channel URL to one with e.g. your brand name – you can use capitals, as in PlusYourBusiness, to make it prettier. In this area, no spaces are allowed.


Hopefully that will have covered 90% of people’s issues/concerns. If you are part of the 10% who still haven’t found the answer you wanted the I would recommend Peggy K‘s post here.