Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools

The tools I use to create my content.

I thought I would give you a list of my daily tools as several people have been asking me lately about this.

To create Videos:
Aside from Hangouts-on-air, I use Camtasia from Techsmith to record my instructional videos. (none of the links are affiliate links, btw)

To create Images:
I now use Snagit from Techsmith.
Techsmith products are available for PC and Mac.

I use a MacBook Pro, but have a Chromebook as well.
The programs above don’t work on the Chromebook though, which is one reason I use the Mac daily.

What I use for Audio:
I use a Snowball from Blue.

How I create animated gifs: (not an affiliate link – and it is free!)
Thanks to +CircleCount for putting me onto this one.

How I create animated gifs from YouTube videos:

This is an AWESOME tool:
(and super simple to use)

For creating images:

I use – you can share links with team members and work on projects together. REALLY good.

Where I buy my images:
I tend to use and quite recently took up the 7 day trial  from (I cancelled before I was billed anything but like their stock and navigation).
Here is the reason why I buy my images:

Video ‘bumpers’:
My intros and outros to my videos have been created by +David Stickney, who will never let me pay for anything despite my best efforts!

Document creation and collaboration:
+Google Drive of course! This has transformed how I work, especially on collaborative projects.

Why am I sharing this information with the Google+ community?
Since I began on Google+ I believe that we are in this together and if works for me, it may well work for you too.  I really hope it does.
Here is to a very commoogely 2014!