Grow: Customer Service

The Virtuous Circle of Service


Everyone knows that customer happiness is key to your business success, but so often it is where a company falls down. They may be great at sales and marketing – they just don’t know how to delight a customer after they’ve bought.
So often it is not about the product or service they thought they were buying, it’s about the support they expected came with it. The more you can enhance their ability to feel supported in this stage of their customer journey, the more you will gain those much value reviews and word of mouth referrals.


There are 3 mains areas that create friction in a customer service area of the business:

  1. Poor people skills – everyone’s job is to serve the customers of the business, and if people don’t realise that then they are forgetting who pays their wages.
    One ‘bad’ interaction can easily lead to a bad taste in their mouth.
  2. Inconsistent and incoherent resource materials – if you are sending people to ‘help centre’ type materials that don’t solve the problem, then the problem is not solved.
  3. Lousy processes – if people are ‘handed off’ to multiples people, or have to call in multiple ties to have a question answered then it will reduce the likelihood of satisfaction in the relationship. Also the speed of a response if often a KPI of overall happiness of a customer or client.

When you remove friction in customer service you dramatically increase the ease at which your business is the recommendation of choice.

Transparency comes with connectedness

You need a centralised system that ‘shows’ the relationship and interactions you have with a prospect or customer. If you don’t have this, you cannot tell how to best interact with a person. Maybe they’ve already visited 20 help pages on your site before calling – wouldn’t you want to know? Or maybe they are a prospect who is looking at help pages one minute, and a pricing page the next? I’m certain you would.

There are so many ways to use technology to better serve your customer, the question is, are you ready to GROW?

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