I get paid to talk, and maybe you should too

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I get paid to talk, and maybe you should too

I’ll keep this brief…


This week I was delighted to see a load of engagement on one of Robert Scoble’s threads around being asked to work for free, and it got me thinking…

As a professional writer/thinker/talker (consultant) for the past 18 years I charge upwards of $750 for a 1250 word article.

Now voice to text technology has improved, I often use that to generate the basis of an article – 15 minutes ‘talk’ tends to generate 1500 words, which would be charged at $750+ for the client once ‘shaped up’.
So how, I thought can I more easily charge interviewers/business owners/mind pickers for the source of such content i.e. just ‘talk’?

The platform

On that same Scoble Facebook thread someone mentioned the platform ‘Clarity.fm‘, and when I explored I can see people like Chris Ducker are already active.

It enables an easy way for ‘people who talk’ to set up a profile and value their time by the minute.


You book me. We talk. (click)

I’ll charge between $5 and $16.67 per minute of talk – consulting, interviews, and chats (price depends on availability)

  • The audio is a podcast, or something you can share with your team internally.
  • The audio you can turn into one or two articles.
  • The video (if you want that as an alternative to ‘calling’) can turn into a series of videos, for YouTube and Facebook.

That gives you a load of content for the month, if that is something that matters to you.

Want me to talk for free? Good news!

For good friends my door is always open.
For everyone else, it is now open virtually:
I’ll give you ‘20 minutes of talk for free’ about my work in VR the Virtual Reality app AltspaceVR.

Everyone else can book me to talk here.

Why now?

I am so busy with consulting work – being paid to think and talk – there is a direct cost to allocating time to non-fee earning work.
And I’m getting married, so my future wife (Elisa) is whipping me into shape on this too.

Everyone speaks – why not get paid to talk?