Google Plus Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory

By February 17, 2014Google Plus
Google Plus Coaching, Training, Consulting Directory

The Plus Your Business community is a thriving hive of ideas being put into action.
We have a broad range of members, skills and locations. With so many of us working from various locations on the planet I wanted to bring together a good list of people you may well appreciate knowing; some of the people who asked to be included in the list are PYB team members as well.

And, of course, if you want to contact the Plus Your Business team then get in touch with us here.

Here you go!

[one-fifth first]Denis Labelle[end-column]

Google+ Coaching, and an inspiration to thousands of people everyday.
Denis Labelle

[one-fifth first]Serge Labelle[end-column]

Serge is Founder and Present at Akuntsu Social Media Business Agency who help people connect and extend their social reach, using Google+ and beyond. Perfect for you cross-cultural project requirements.
Serge Labelle,

[one-fifth first]Yuko Nakamura[end-column]

I do Google+ Business Coaching, Strategizing and Marketing innovation that will enable brands / corporates to switch efficiently / effectively back and forth between “Universal” and “Personal” level marketing in multi-screen.
Yuko Nakamura

[one-fifth first]James-Dearsley[end-column]

With a passion for the digital marketing world, I look at ways to use Social Media in advanced ways – strategizing and analyzing in a quantifiable way to help businesses get the best from their marketing.
James Dearsley,

[one-fifth first]Tomasz-Kucharski[end-column]

Creative Graphic Designer & WordPress Web Developer, passionate about Google+ & Social Media Marketing. Offering online help with Web Design, Google+ & other Social Media Branding for people from UK & all over the world. Runner & proud father of 3yo Zofia.
Tomasz Kucharski,

[one-fifth first]Chris-Sutton[end-column]

Web and software development, with a mature and easy to use CMS developed over 15 years. More than that, we’re a one stop shop for website design, ecommerce and online marketing, combined with the nearly 40 years of commercial experience of each of the 2 directors.
Chris Sutton,

[one-fifth first]Teodora-Petkova[end-column]

We offer SEO services to corporate clients, we also work with other companies to provide a broad array of Internet marketing services. SEOM is the founder of the SEO Conference [], held annually in Sofia. Currently we have focused on trainings, seminars and consulting.
Teodora Petkova,

[one-fifth first]Andrew-Allen[end-column]

Online presence optimization, internet marketing/tracking, website design/SEO/SEM, and web application development. My team can help you plan, build, and launch a successful online presence.
Andrew Allen,

[one-fifth first]Julie Pell[end-column]

Many of us are hesitant of being filmed, even though we know a video on our website would engage prospective clients and increase our sales. Together, we create a professional video delivering confidence and authority by showing you the skills and techniques that make a big difference.
Julie Pell,

[one-fifth first]Laura-Crawford[end-column]

I didn’t add my site because I’m moving to a new url where I’ll regularly write posts and tips about google +.
However, I currently have a private community for bloggers who are still trying to learn about g+, and feel more comfortable using it. I am hugely passionate about it, and know that it is, imo, the most important platform. I see a lot of help sites and pages that are geared towards those with businesses, but I feel like bloggers are often overlooked.
Laura Crawford

[one-fifth first]Stephan Hovnanian[end-column]

I help people and businesses use Google+ in a way that works for them and their strategy. I can be anything from a “concierge”, offering training, tips, and a friendly guide, to a full-blown page manager.
Stephan Hovnanian,

[one-fifth first]Mike Allton[end-column]

I help businesses understand and leverage content marketing and social media platforms like Google+ to increase site traffic, generate leads, and convert leads into sales.
Mike Allton,

[one-fifth first]Michael Bennett[end-column] will be fully operational and launched January 2014. It will be used primarily to provide Google Drive Presentations to people who would like them custom built for a fee. Also, consulting on presentation projects is an option as well.
Michael Bennett,

[one-fifth first]Craig Fifield[end-column]

I provide Social Media & SEO consulting services to small businesses.
Craig Fifield,

[one-fifth first]Neil Ferree[end-column]

How to Monetize your Social Media Marketing using best practices in social seo, local seo, video seo incorporated into a systematized social content marketing strategy
Neil Ferree,

[one-fifth first]Yann Fageol[end-column]

I’m a young french entrepreneur and I’m focusing on delivering coaching in many web domains from SEO to social media
Yann Fageol,

[one-fifth first]Yvonne Heimann[end-column]

We know how confusing Social Media can be. That’s why Yvonne makes it a personal goal to show you and many others that Online Media does not have to be frightening and scary but can actually be liberating and fun.
Yvonne Heimann,

[one-fifth first]Jaana Nyström[end-column]

Google+ and social media coaching in Finland for businesses and individuals through my company (in Finnish). Ex travel trade pro.
Via Hangouts coaching in English, anywhere in the world.
Jaana Nyström,

[one-fifth first]Eileen O’Duffy[end-column]

Eileen O’Duffy has provided Digital Media, Marketing and Training courses for companies including Elucidate, Irish Internet Association (IIA), Fáilte Ireland and a number of Enterprise Boards around Ireland. These courses include:

  • Google Apps and Google Plus (G+) for business and education
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Leads Generation and Collaboration
  • Writing for the Web
  • Online Brand Management

Eileen O’Duffy,

[one-fifth first]David Deering[end-column]

I am the owner of a full-service digital marketing agency called Touch Point that provides web design & development, local SEO, semantic mark up, graphic design, social media management, and branding for small businesses.
David Deering,

[one-fifth first]Oleg Moskalensky[end-column]

Full day event coming to Seattle in 2014. The agenda will concentrate on Business Intelligence & Training using Google ecosystem. Hands-on training will include Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Google Plus, Google Hangouts as well as other related tools and technologies to substantially improve business efficiency, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, communication and the bottom line.
This is a paid event and will be only available to 25 people, to maximize the benefits to the attendees. 5 additional people will also attend breakfast with the hosts the morning after the event.
Oleg Moskalensky,

[one-fifth first]Volker Harbecke[end-column]

Business coaching and consulting in and near Hamburg/Germany, based on more than 30 years´ experience from being CPA and consultant for medium sized companies. Main areas beside coaching are strategy consulting and preparing company or share sales.
Volker Harbecke,

[one-fifth first]Linda Lawrence[end-column]

Sharing our ‘sandwich generation’ experiences and information. I continue to look for additional services & info out there to share with elderly parents & a special needs child. Looking for others to share their experiences as well. 2 sister blogs to the above.
Linda Lawrence,

[one-fifth first]Dirk Jan Lekkerkerker[end-column]

I like to explore new options for man and team and teach you to apply it.
Smart use of social media to find work and opportunities for your business; With this I bring ‘colleagues in motion’. These are people who want to make the difference
Dirk Jan Lekkerkerker,

[one-fifth first]Mary Stovall[end-column]

Google+ Evangelist – passionate about sharing knowledge about Google+ and teaching small businesses how to use Google+ as a platform for collaboration and communication. Background covers a wide range of experience – multinational consulting, high-tech and small business start ups. Impressed by the quality and depth of Google +. Thrilled to be on this ride!
Mary Stovall

[one-fifth first]Rebecca Wardlow[end-column]

I teach small business owners how to build strong relationships online and make more money by utilizing the power of social media. I enjoy teaching multiple social media courses at Kishwaukee College Continuing Education, Rock Valley College Business Professional Institute and Heartland Community College Community Education.
Rebecca Wardlow,

[one-fifth first]Tom Batkin[end-column]

Business Gplus helps local business’ Expose, Engage, Educate and Expand using Google+ as a Platform to create a Win/Win/Win/Win outcome.
We are based in Melbourne, Australia and we love supporting small to medium size business with the ‘how to’ and advanced “strategy”.
Tom Batkin,

[one-fifth first]Nenad Adamovic[end-column]

We are a complete online search marketing agency using Social SEO to increase exposure and interaction on the web.
Nenad Adamovic,

[one-fifth first]Phyllis Khare[end-column]

I consult with other authors, speakers, trainers and small businesses on how to use social media to market their passions. I also host and ghost-host On Air Hangouts for my clients. You can enjoy a playlist of my ghost-hosted HOA here for a client:
Phyllis Khare,

[one-fifth first]Tony Hansen[end-column]

I am a senior with knowledge of NLP (Enneagram # 9). 15+ years experience in CRM. Have experience in raising awareness of social media especially G+ and HOA. Expert in IT technology that has integration with Google technologies like G+, HOA and Gmail. I work mainly in Northern Europe
Tony Hansen,

[one-fifth first]Jenny Braithwaite[end-column]

I help forward-thinking businesses optimise their visibility within Google Plus, by working with them to develop a cutting-edge personalised strategy using simple, easy-to-implement techniques in Google Plus. I offer online, one to one and bespoke Google Plus training, coaching and consultancy to entrepreneurs and business owners.
Jenny Braithwaite,

[one-fifth first]Mick Sharpe[end-column]

Google+ is the platform to build meaningful relationships with customers. Let us help you put together a strategy encompassing Personal Profiles, Brand Pages and Local Business Pages. We can help you with brand image, communities, engagement techniques, being ‘natural’ and re-purposing content to sweat your assets. Engage with us today.
Mick Sharpe,

[one-fifth first]Marilyn Moore[end-column]

At RightStartWebsites we focus on helping small businesses use web technology. Our services include helping clients promote their companies. We feel strongly in the importance of Google+ as a core part of web strategy. We offer individual and group G+ training and coaching, as well as seminars and workshops.
Marilyn Moore,