Google Plus Marketing Profile and Pages

Google Plus Marketing Profile and Pages


This is really where to begin…

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to try something new, as such, here at Plus Your Business we want to help you learn the essentials in the fastest, easiest and free-est (should be a word, really) way possible.
This video gives you loads of tips on getting your profile in shape from about 16 mins…
(It is also the ideal introduction for anyone new to Google+.)

Next, let’s look at setting up a Google+ page; but don’t do this until you’ve read this article and advice from the PYB team in relation to this area.
Then, when you are ready…

How to make a Google+ Brand Page

This video will cover just about everything you need to know!

Want to see the full resource for Google+ Marketing and SEO? Then click here.

Would you like an infographic like this?
Well check out their website or contact Irfan Ahmad for more information.

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