How to be number one on Google

By October 7, 2013Google SEO, SEO
How to be number one on Google


When it comes to Google Search you may already know much time in the past people spent trying to get on the first page for search terms. The world of Search is changing, as you will see below, but to many people that number one spot still means a lot – including traffic.

As such, here is a quick video showing you how the Plus Your Business approach has led to a very interesting search result:

The importance of the #1 spot is changing…

The SEO world has changed with the advent of ‘Google Semantic Search’ and no longer is it all about ‘keywords’, although there is still a role for them. Check out the PYB free resources where you will be able to learn the latest in the field!

But in the meantime, what if you could get to number one? What would the effect be then?

Well, in this quick post I thought …I would show you one example of exactly how powerful it can be using the example of “What is Google+?”

What is Google+ Search result

The results – example 1

Here is an example for the Search result above from for that search term.

There are sections from Google Analytics for:

1. Search term

2. Impressions

3. Clicks

4. Average Position

5. CTR

As you can see, a spot between 1 and 2 has a click through rate of about a third in this case.
For those super-geeky on the affect on nof being #1 in Search thinking “Only a third!” I should also point out how Google is advertising above and Google’s wiki just below – so no surprise they would get some traffic!

What is Google+ analytics

The results – example 2

Here is a search for the term ‘Google Plus SEO’.

Google Plus SEO top spot

As you can see below, the CTR is higher at 54.92%.
This could, in part, be explained by the clean ‘number 1’ position as opposed to the 1.11% – 1.43% as shown in the previous example.

Google Plus SEO - analytics

Whichever way, being number one in both examples is getting a reasonable % of the traffic.

What do Google say? (ok, they don’t quite say this but it is funny)

If you are looking to #1 on Google, then I should point to you in the direction of this video featuring Google’s Matt Cutts…

Very amusing indeed!


Really, there is no longer a ‘number one’ position, but saying that wouldn’t have been quite such a snappy blog title! With ‘Search Plus Your World’ your personal network in particular will play a strong roll to what content you see in Search (assuming you are using it).
Still importantly, to get to number one for any position means your content is probably the more relevant for the person who is seeing it in search. The algorithm is seriously smart these days and delivers the most appropriate results more times than not.
As such, whilst there is no magic formula, when it comes to content you create (e.g. articles, videos embedded on sites etc) using social SEO techniques you will be able to get more top spots more of the time when you following the following three principles:

1. Create the best content for the search term for which you want to rank

2. Build up your authority using Google+ i.e. write your content and share it using Google+ into a network which relates

3. Connect to people who ‘give you authority’ that you yourself are an authority on a subject (in particular, this is often seen as being done when they share your content).

4. Then, start to think ‘broader’ about what people could be looking for in relation to your products and services. Beyond that, think about ‘answering questions’ more than just targeting keywords.

5. Make sure your social media strategy is connected and linked together; building trust using several channels will he helped when you consistently deliver. Also think of social for customer service, not just for sales.

This sounds simple right? Well, it takes time but the rewards can be great.

If you want more indepth look at Google Plus SEO then check out this article.
Also, if you want a really indepth look at how to structure Google+ posts for SEO then this one will help.

Google Authorship

Whilst this is not said to be an influencing factor in Google Search results directing, with the additional element of a photo next to the link, the general consensus is that it increases CTR when compared to links that don’t have that authorship markup.
To be scientific about it all, I would now remove my authorship link to that website post and we could compare the results over the same number of impressions. I am, however, not going to do that! As such, you are just left with trust that it would be lower.
Click here to read a full post on Google Authorship.

Where should I look if I want to go deeper?

Check out this article by Joshua Berg on Social Media Optimizaton HERE.

Also check out this video with PYBers Martin Shervington (that’s me folks!) and Mark Traphagen (that is the wise fellow with the smoothing demeanour that everything will be ok if you go social!).

Also, here is a comprehensive article from the three of us on how Google+ can be used in SEO – here.

What does this mean for you?

When you add in the influence of results for other people with whom you are connected, Google+ for SEO has to be a priority for anyone looking to influence others. As such, using Google+ you can, in our view, achieve results you may previously have felt were out of reach. First page is no longer unobtainable – instead, with authority on a subject and good connections on Google+ you may well find yourself on top spot, or certainly ranking highly. Sure, it will take some work but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!