How to use Android TV for Business

How to use Android TV for Business

How to use Android TV for Business and Marketing

Television as we know is hasn’t really changed for 50 years.

It is the centre of the home and yet technology has advanced every other device around it, leaving it largely untouched.
There is minimal interaction, it is a passive activity.

And now Android TV is turning this passivity into activity.

John Gower, CEO

These are the main considerations:


Does your business have a strategy in place for ‘Video in the Home’?
If not yet, it will.
It is videos, not web pages that win out in this part of the ecosystem.

Google is often delivering ‘the answer’ when there is certainty.

The algorithm appears to be delivering slightly different results to desktop/mobile (having run tests on my usual keywords).

Display and surfacing of results is new. They appear in a new horizontal stream of personalized suggestions for you.


We all know Apps win a lot of attention on a mobile device. And on Android TV, you will find that entering into the app will hold attention.

But there is something else we spotted.
When you enter into an app and interact with it, once you leave, there are more suggestions for you to watch based upon that interaction. i.e your app content can now be surfaced on the home page of Android TV without having to enter the app!
We looked at a TED Talk, and many more were suggested in YouTube Search.

You may be thinking we have this with ‘Suggested For You’ in YouTube, but this seemed to be driven by the App, not YouTube alone.

Thinking of building an app? Think TV. Think Video.

Voice Search

Best way to interact is through your voice via a microphone in the controller. This is super intelligent now. Applying semantic search principles with the meaning of a query changing with additional search information. It juggles on the screen before your eyes.
I searched for: ‘Foundations’ and it heard ‘Fundations’ (and displayed that word in the Search box), I then said ‘Kate Nash’ and ‘Fundations’ became ‘Foundations’ and the single certain result for ‘Foundations Kate Nash’ appeared in front of me.

Realize that the millenials use voice much more than us lot (I am 42 this year) and that the home will be driven by voice.


There are ads in between some videos – usually 15 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds.
But for some reason they are not as intrusive as the ones you get on standard TV.
Presumably these are the same video ads available for distribution through your Google Adwords account.

What does this mean? Well, if you are not getting the video results, you can still gain attention in the home through relevant, targeted Adwords Spend.

We can help with that here.

Social (a platform used largely by gamers) gives people the ability to share their game play, or screen, with social connections.

There are also other recording features available, including one that enables ‘comments’ to be turned on/off.

Movie Reviews

These are pulled in from Google Play, and appear under movies. Images are pulled in from people’s Google One account profile.

Presumably people’s opinion’s are going to become the focus of much more discussion, and businesses can put together a strategy to support the best rising to the top.


Material design – clean, sharp colours, easy to navigate, big beautiful images, video playback behind search, slick animations – giving the Android redesign space to breath on a large screen.

All in all…

David Amerland, PYB Level 5 member and world authority in Semantic Search says: 

“Google TV is the point of ingress that has so far eluded Google in its drive to make Android the hub around which the Smart Home of tomorrow revolves. With this new development there is, at last, a good base for providing the practical uses which then become the “proof of concept” required for making further connectivity, search and predictive services part of the home’s digital evolution in the IoT world that’s coming.”


This is the very beginning of Android TV, and the start of a new wave of marketing.

And we are now at the very start of the evolution of the Internet of Things making its way home.