Marketing Automation

Segmentation, Personalisation and Automation – these are the 3 factors that should work hand in hand. They enable you to send the right message, in the right way, to the right person – who in turn receives it as ‘made for them’.


Your database contains all the basic information you capture for any particular contact, but it can go much further. By using bespoke form fields you can build up information most pertinent to your target audiences. Add in ‘Persona Profiles’ and ‘Progressive Profiling’ you can deepen the understanding of an individual’s needs – segmentation allows you to then adjust their user journey accordingly.
Through the creation of ‘Lists’ you’ll be able to slice and dice your database in a way that serves all aspects of your business – sales, marketing, and service.


Once you have segmented, you can much better personalise your communication with each and every person.

Imagine being able to message people who’ve been looking at ‘sales pages’ for a particular product or service, and then track whether they are opening and clicking links in that email. You would be much better positioned to see who is paying attention and reach out to them about what interests them the most.
‘Marketing’ will serve your sales team, but personalisation will become an ethos in your business – so instead of sending blanket email campaigns you can be much ‘Smarter’ – including tailored ‘list informed’ information based upon their interests, needs, or stage of user journey. It’s not only in emails that you can personalise – your website can become far smarter too, by changing its content based on e.g. persona or lifecycle stage.
And the good news is, you can be up and running with smart content within 30 minutes, and without any needs for a website overhaul.
No longer will customers be treated the same as prospects, or prospects at a later stage in the purchase journey be treated the same as initial leads.


Once you have an attitude of segmenting and personalising your communication, you want to take away the hard work through automation.

Automation comes in many forms – from email campaigns, to task management, but I’ll use one example of ‘Goal Based Workflows’.

By setting a goal as the purpose of activity, you can ‘drive’ toward that outcome.

In other words, all of your marketing activity can be purposeful, and measured as to its effectiveness:

There is so much more you can do with Workflows, and it depends on your business Goals and Resources available as to how best to approach it.
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