Sales Automation

Imagine having an easier way to meet sales targets…would this make everyone in the business happier? Absolutely it would.

Using HubSpot, team members can better segment, personalise and then automate the process of prospecting and following up with leads – as well as better serving the people who matter the most, your customers.

This is how it is done…


You can segment your database based on almost endless criteria, Personas, Product Interests, Activities (opening emails, clicks on links, website page visits) – all of which give your team a better idea of ‘who’ they are contacting, which in turn enables them to better personalise their approach.


When you personalise, you speak to that person in a way that makes them want to listen.
Even leads that are not ‘warmed up’ by an existing relationship with your business open up to being approached. Personalisation comes in many forms, but is often most powerful when it continues the process they are undertaking by checking out your website content “in the background”. The difference now is, your sales team can see this activity on a person’s contact record and reach out to them with pertinent information to help them move to the next stage, and ultimately…purchase from you, time and time again.


Once you understand the ways you can segment and personalise your interactions, you are in a position to create ‘Templates’ – which will save you literally hundreds of hours a year per sales team member. They reduce the friction of people taking action both before and after sales calls through email templates being created ‘ready to go’, with a few personalised tweaks. Furthermore, once you have your templates created, you can string them together as a series of emails into a ‘Sequence’, which intelligently ends when a someone hits reply.
When you add in the ability to ‘see’ when people open and click links in the email, you and your team can hop on a call and engage with the prospect while you are still top of mind.

There is so much more you can do with Sales Automation, but it is really a case of getting started to see the difference it will make.

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