Grow: Marketing

“Martin Shervington is one of the top Digital Marketing Consultants I’ve met in recent years.”

– Jason Stockwood,
CEO of Simply Business (Also Voted #1 Company and #1 CEO by The Times)



If you are not using a centralised marketing platform like HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot, you are running your business with blinkers on. It may have been ‘ok’ 5 years ago, but now even a smaller business can afford to access technology that allows for a centralised approach to communication.
When it comes to the energy in the business coming from marketing spend, you want to know what is working, and what’s not. When you get this right, you can in turn allocate resources to those areas of your business and away from the places you are simply wasting money.

Friction and Transparency

Friction in marketing comes in many forms, but mainly it’s the result of not having connected systems.
Think about your daily emails, for instance, do you know whether the people you are contacting have:

Opened emails
Clicked any links in emails
Visited your website recently
Downloaded ebooks or product information
Clicked on any Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads
Attended webinars etc

Putting it simply, for marketers, Friction is overcome and transparency create when you connect all the platforms you use – and in turn change how you communicate with people as a response to their actions.

Think for a second, shouldn’t your website treat prospects differently to customers? Using ‘Smart Content’ based on ‘Segmented Lists’, this is exactly what we help you do when you are ready to GROW.

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