The Power to 'Recommend' on Google Plus

By September 8, 2014Google Plus
The Power to 'Recommend' on Google Plus

What’s it all about?

For some time now, Google+ has a nifty little feature feature whereby individuals find recommended content in their stream through the process of someone in their circles +1ing a post.
This is a really powerful new tool for business and anyone interested in content spreading through a network.  Suddenly we have the ability of another way for content to reach people’s streams i.e. as well as your own posts or a share.
Yes, this is a way to boost your own content as well…

What could you see in your stream in relation to this feature?

You will see posts +1d by people in YOUR CIRCLES, if you have them in a circle which has the circle setting as ‘Show posts in Home Stream’. The example below shows two people who happen to be in my circles.

When a post is +1 recommended but you have the person in your circles

Whose posts do you see that have been 1’d by this person in your circles?

You may well see such +1d/recommended post content from both:
a) people in your circles,
b) people not in your circles
BUT the +1er will be in your circles.

What determines whether these posts appear?

1. The person’s settings for the application (as the 1er), and
2. Google’s algorithm will determine what is relevant.

What will other people see in their streams?

Firstly you as the +1er will determine whether the post could ‘travel’ into people’s streams.
Your settings determine the ‘reach of recommendation’ – think circles spreading outwards – no recommendation when set to ‘me only’, then custom (you choose which circles could receive it), circles, extended circles, increasing reach to the maximum of ‘public’.
Most people will have it on the default settings as ‘extended circles’ so…
When you +1 a post, this will enable the +1d post to travel its merry way into:
a) people’s streams who YOU have in circles, and people who THEY have in circles, and
b) if these people who have YOU in circle i.e. the person who +1d, and
c) have the setting as ‘show posts in home stream’ for one or more circles in their settings.

Just to make sure you know…

Extended circles means: people you have in circles, and the people they have in their circles.
This is a better definition that ‘friends of friends’ as that means a two way link and this need not be.

The benefit of new content and new people in the Stream

This feature gives you the ability to find new content and new people to whom the people in your circles relate.
If they didn’t relate, they would not have +1d the content.
You can even add people into your circles straight from the post itself, as shown below.

1. People in my circles (who I have set to receive the content in my Stream) have +1d

2. Someone’s post from outside of my network can be added straight away to my circles

Adding people to circles from a recommended post

What else is interesting about this?

Well, firstly as you can see below, if you +1 you own post that could also appear in someone’s stream!
This could be seem as an algorithic bonus to recommenders who thank people when they share their posts…

In this case:

1. Joshua +1d the post that

2. Lee has shared, which

3. Joshua had initiated himself.

+1ing your own post 

What if you don’t want to see these posts?

If you don’t want recommendations of content or new people whom you may like to circle you can adjust the settings on each circle by clicking the cog and unchecking/adjusting there.

How do you adjust what other people will see?

If you want to increase or decrease the recommendations YOU are making using the +1/recommendation then you can adjust your settings:


If you post content, and people +1 that content then this can appear in someone else’s stream if they have you in circles i.e. your content can jump outside of your network using this feature. So, if you want your content to be seen by more people, then this is one way it can happen. People can also add you into circles directly from the post which can increase connections and grow the network even further.