PYB Academy Featured Member: an interview with Michel Reibel

PYB Academy Featured Member: an interview with Michel Reibel

Michel Reibel is a fan of smart and simple. He believes that the transformation of ideas into value-added projects requires skill and strategy. And these are not mere “looking-good-on-my-profile” words. This is what Michel actually achieves at WebKiss*, the company he founded back in 2012. What he does there, together with his team, is provide solutions for brands and individuals, or as Michel calls these solutions – Revolutionary Methods for Entrepreneurs.

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If Michel was a word cloud, “creativity” would most probably be the dominating word in the image. And if we were to try to creatively draw a picture of Michel’s vision for life and entrepreneurship, we would gladly have used the help of a drawing he once shared on Google +:

Meet Michel!

What brought you on G+ and what was your first post on Google?

How to create relationships and businesses in a  “Me / We” spirit…

Since 1997, I have created several businesses in Microsoft & Web environment (Recruitment – Tech/Engineering & KM software development). I have started consulting, development and training services in 2007.

I also have started blogging the 21st of January 2012, with two blogs at that time – Cuisine et Cigares (very popular food blog) and mappingrama about Visual Thinking for (neuro)education and business. And one day, I saw this blog post from Jaana Nyström (Google+ Top Contributor): “A Nobody can become Somebody on Google+”

My first post on my personal page is about the famous “Me … We” couplet, introduced as the “shortest poem ever written on what it’s like to be as great as Muhammad Ali (American boxer)”, at a Harvard lecture in 1975 by himself. So inspiring for managers and leaders…

What on or offline world experience has most influenced your time on G+?

In 2013, I joined Foodies+, one of the biggest food communities on Google+ of wonderful people representing their culture worldwide. Being part of this community made me want to focus on controlling my emotions through reading, writing and the visual in real time for learning more about people, myself and knowledge management on G+. That has deeply changed my personal, professional and social “curves of lifes”. This has led to a collaboration with one of the leaders of this community, Azlin Bloor, with whom we organise entertainment Hangouts on Air that have success. This required a major time investment …

What’s the thing that made your life on G+ easier?

I have rationalized what I wanted to do with Google+ for my three “curves of lifes”, then my wife and kids gave me a new smartphone …

What would your advice be to newbies here?

Follow step by step the PYB Quickstarter, then define (or review) your main aims for an efficient online presence (profile and / or business page).

Keys: Take care of your identity by using pictures and a short description that you show to the world. Then summarize the key words (hashtags) you need for searching and reaching your audience(s) and for building your circles by interests. After that, go to level 2…

How many people do you have in the circles for which you’ve turned notifications on?

Less than 100 people. This is in the process of gradually changing and related to the activities of my three blogs with about a thousand people (indeed, I have also launched Birds in the Tree, a blog about the digital strategy for entrepreneurs and for creativity).

What’s your favourite G+ feature?

The best is always coming… 😉

What has being part of the PYB Academy done for you?

How to keep working (hard) on learning and teaching (well) Google+ with Google+!

I have made a mind map of the program from A to Z and I can see that this is a well-designed canvas that covers my needs for a Web strategy, both for myself and my clients.

The PYB Academy is also an innovative model for team building and project management.

I can understand Martin Shervington satisfaction when PYB trended on Google+ at the end of august…

How did G+ shaped/changed your professional life?

What characterizes me the most is the need to unleash creativity, both in the world of education than in the companies. The Google+ platform contributes very positively to design and create collaborative projects and communicate in real time. Its leverage acts as “a system in the system” of communication and valorisation on the Web. This allowed me to create a stronger foundation and business model for WebKiss – THE ONLINE INCUBATOR.

What was the thing you always wanted to know about G+ but were afraid to ask ? 

In my very humble opinion, I don’t think I am afraid to ask anything about Google+, but now that you ask me: How Google+ can help more or support ambitious projects, as WebKiss – THE ONLINE INCUBATOR, also helping and supporting brands, start-up and individuals to get on Google+…?

You are the founder of, a company that provides solutions for brands and individuals in the form of “Revolutionary Methods and Web for Entrepreneurs”. Please, tell us more about the Business Model Canvas you and your team have developed and the way both companies and individuals can use it for their Business Models.

The online universal business model canvas allows to capture visually a key concept, quickly, in a world evolving constantly.

Understanding how organizations work is not easy. Large organizations or complex organizations have so many components that it is difficult to get an overall picture without visually representation. The Business Model canvas provides a visual grid to a simplified representation of complex organizations. The images also help transform the unspoken into explicit information that helps us to think and communicate more effectively assumptions.

This is valuable for a brand, a start-up or even an individual who wants to reinvent his career, and our process allows to keep updated what value you want to provide and its viability, which gives sense to your Web design and content Marketing, that we create in three branches:

– WebKiss for Branding

– WebKiss for Start-Up and Fundraising

– WebKiss for New Careers

With WebKiss, you can challenge the design of your projects, the time and sustainability. We help to spread the value of your ideas worldwide through the Web and by using Google+.

Hoping that +Guy Kawasaki and are reading this post…

In his interview Henri Deschamps, not knowing who the next interviewee  was going to be, asked:

How important is social media to your life and/or your business and why?

Digital literacy is our challenge for education and business… Social media is a tool for helping to make some changements we are expecting. I am an actor of this changement which is constantly operating.

And now it’s your turn to ask the next PYB Academy member a question:

How do you define your value (or your clients) you want to offer and how do you share it on the web?

Thank you Michel Reibel! (My pleasure, and thank you).

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