Grow: Sales


Imagine your sales team could perform at twice or three times the effectiveness…
This is what every Sales Consultant wants to promise. The challenge though is when we only focus on the Attitude and the Skills of the person, not looking at the technology as a key enabler to improving performance.

Your business will grow faster when you a) reduce the friction in the systems and processes, and b) increase the transparency as to what activity is generating the outcomes you want to achieve.

You want to install a ‘virtuous circle’ into your business, like the following:

So, how do you reduce the friction?

There are 3 main sources of friction when it comes to sales:

  1. Emotional – people don’t want to ‘get on the phones’
    The solution: improve people’s confidence through positive reference experiences
  2. Capability – people are not ‘running the sales call’, it’s running them
    The solution: improve people’s ‘sales skills’
  3. Technological – people are not efficient with their prospecting processes
    Solution: introduce lead intelligence, personalised templates, and automated sequences

When you improve all 3 of these, your flywheel spins faster.

Transparency comes with connectedness

The biggest shift in online marketing over the past 5 years is the need to ‘connect the dots’, but the only way to do this is by putting the customer at the centre of your business.

Here are just a few ways that increased transparency will improve sales team performance:

  1. Each person’s history of emails opened and links clicked can help the sales team gain insight into ‘what’s working’
  2. When leads (or customers) revisit the website, the sales team member owning that records get notified
  3. Every time a prospect attends a webinar – you can connect those apps and see how long they attended

For a Sales Manager, increased transparency of team members’ activity will help you understand who needs what support to drive better results – and make the flywheel spin even more.

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