Social Media Examiner Report: Spotlight on Google Plus

By May 19, 2014Google Plus
Social Media Examiner Report: Spotlight on Google Plus

Curious about how marketers are using social media to grow their business?  Wonder how Google Plus fits into the big picture at this point in the game?  Well wonder no more!  +Michael Stelzner and the good folks at +Social Media Examiner have put together a comprehensive 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report and we are excited to share some of the key findings and specific stats for Google Plus.

First let’s take a quick look at the major findings.  One point of note is ‘Marketers want to learn more about Google+’!

Next, we see the top questions that marketers are asking.  It’s no surprise that tactics and engagement top the list as this is what we see a lot of questions about in our Plus Your Business! Community.

Think everyone is using Social Media to market their businesses?  Then you would be right on!  As you can see in this not only are the vast majority of marketers using social media but there is also an increase in its importance.

When looking at the top benefits of social media marketing increasing exposure and increasing traffic top the list.  What we also found interesting was the specifics on reduced marketing expenses and lead generation.

So what are marketers planning to change in their future social media activities?  Blogging, YouTube, Google+ and Podcasting were all areas that we wanted to share in depth stats on.

When it comes to increasing competence in platforms, Google+ takes first place.


What about outsourcing?  When it comes to having others doing the work, web design/development and content creation top the list.

As always there is a TON of activity going on in the world of Social Media Marketing and it is only going to continue to grow.  Google Plus is one of the areas that is expected to rapidly grow and we look forward to helping you learn and navigate through your journey there.

For the complete report from Michael Stelzner and Social Media Examiner click here.