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Quickstarter  Guide

Quickstarter Guide

  • Our “Quickstarter Guide” has already helped tens of thousands of people get going on Google+.
  • Watch our ‘Introduction to Google+” video. It’ll get you up to speed quick!
  • Then, check out and follow our easy infographic for some well thought out advice.
  • Maximize your time and results with our awesome Google+ tips.

Academy Level 1

Academy Level 1

  • Tips & Tricks for Managing Circles and Communities.
  • Free Access to a Private Level 1 Community to Get Specialized Tips & Info.
  • A Complete Guide to Google Hangouts Video
  • A Complete Guide to Google+ Pages – Personal & Business
  • Exploring and Personalizing Google+ for Better Engagement & Results.
  • The Google+ ‘Social Layer’ Explained in Detail.

A Note from ‘Plus Your Business’ Founder & Community Manager: Martin Shervington

"Welcome to the ‘Plus Your Business’ community and agency! Over the past two years I have had the honour to work with some of the best people on the planet in relation to both Social and SEO, all brought together by Google+. Check out the content on the site and please do get in touch to ask how we can help."

Martin Shervington

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"Your posts are indispensable sources of info for the community. Keep it up the great work!"

Erno Rubik, Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture.


Best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube.


"Since mid 2013 Simply Business has been implementing their Google+ strategy with the help of Plus Your Business.

Martin Shervington is one of the few people who saw the importance of G+ and has thought deeply about how it can help your customers. We are delighted with their standard of work and highly recommend them."


Jason Stockwood - CEO, Simply Business

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