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Social and mobile growth has exploded over the last 12 months.
Can you afford to ignore it?

Plus Your Business is led by Official Google Small Business Advisor, Martin Shervington

“Thanks for dropping by - I am now based in the city where I was born, and just down the road from where I grew up. Bringing ‘Digital Intelligence’ to business is what we do, and marketing is the best place to start. Want to know more? Give me a call or drop me an email!’

Our approach to brand employs a variety of disciplines and tools. Everything we do is focused on getting your messages to the right consumers, in the right way, to make them fall in love with your brand

Social SEO

We work to combine your social media results with search results resulting in maximum amplification

Social Media Marketing

We can manage your messaging across all key platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, You Tube, Linkedin

Content creation and distribution

Whether you’re looking for a 24 hour news feed, long-form features, rich media or micro-blogging we’re here to help. Plus we can disseminate all your content in forms
appropriate to your chosen platforms

Influencer find

Looking for the right influencers to help support your marketing strategy? We can help source appropriate and professional social expertize throughout all key influencer verticals. Drop us a line

Let us know how we can help with your brand

An engaged, enthusiastic and productive community is a vital tool in growing a fan base for your business. It’s all about spreading the word and enabling a productive two-way dialogue

Community Building

We can help you find, engage and energize your audience, really encourage them to fall in love with your brand. We’ll also help identify your super-fans. Conversations with your customers through social media, email newsletters and advertising are great, but you’ll also need to promote ambassadors. Customers who adore your brand, believe in the messaging and are happy to spread the word about your awesome products and services. Super-fans are at the core of a healthy community – we’ll help you find yours

Community Belonging

We run a training and coaching Academy for small businesses and consultants. It’s where beginners and intermediates can feel at home digitally. For an affordable monthly fee, members benefit from the latest thinking, research and approaches to building businesses online. Benefits manifest with increased online engagement and access to top social influencers. Quite simply, you will become completely equipped to lead the digital thinking in your business

Let us know your community goals

Once you’ve got that great community it’s all about action. Whether you’re looking to grow dwell time, shares or increase sales, we can help provoke the right actions within your community and provide up-to-the minute measurement across all KPIs

Google Adwords

We can help with professional campaign setup for new accounts and reduce your campaign spend. We’ll work towards increasing your traffic, your ROI and your orders.
We can help with poorly performing existing campaigns too


We’ll provide up-to-the-minute reporting across all key KPIs, allowing us to make real-time changes that help to maximize your reach, maximize your retention and ultimately grow your brand awareness and business profitability

We’re a Google Partner

Plus Your Business is an accredited Google partner. We have amazing contacts and access to vital data and information that can mean the difference between just okay and amazing – let us get our knowledge working for you

We’re a specialist in Apps

Is your app underperforming? Not sure how to kick-start interest? We can help by working to create a significant community strategy around your app, pushing downloads, comments, sharing and reinvigorating lapsed users

Need help with conversions? Drop us a line

“Martin Shervington is one of the top Digital Marketing Consultants I’ve met in recent years.”

– Jason Stockwood,
CEO of Simply Business (Also Voted #1 Company and #1 CEO by The Times, 2016)
360 video, Virtual Reality and the future of privacy

Virtual Reality and the Future of Privacy

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Have you tried virtual reality yet?
Well, if you haven’t then you cannot imagine ‘how real’ it may be.
In the past 6 years I have lived on the road travelling between the tens of cities in UK, USA, Brazil, Kazakhstan (to name just a few).

Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools

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The tools I use to create my content.

I thought I would give you a list of my daily tools…
(none of the links are affiliate links, btw)

To create Videos:

What is Slack

How to use Slack for community building

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How to Build a Community using Slack

In my recent quick guide to community building I mention how we are now using Slack to build communities, even though it is very much a ‘team tool’.

"When it comes to social media, Martin Shervington is one of the most clever and hardworking people you’ll find. He’ll help take your game to the next level"

Guy KawasakiChief Evangelist for

"Reviews are the lifeblood of most local companies, and Martin and his team provide the wisdom and guidance you need to master this business imperative"

Jay Baer Author, Speaker & Marketing Strategist

"@MartinSherv...can help YOU grow your business. Smart guy. :)"

Chris BroganNew York Times Best-selling Author

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