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A message from Martin Shervington

Consultant, Speaker, Coach and Plus Your Business founder


"For the past couple of years my attention has been on learning ‘community based algorithms’, and how they influence Google Search. But since I’ve been hanging out around Silicon Valley, I’ve been given access to a worldview that is years ahead of the curve I was on. Now is the time to connect the dots and create a movement."

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Guy Kawasaki

"When it comes to social media, Martin Shervington is one of the most clever and hardworking people you’ll find. He’ll help take your game to the next level."

Guy Kawasaki - Chief Evangelist for Canva.com


"Your posts are indispensable sources of info for the community. Keep it up the great work!"

Erno Rubik - Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture.

(Best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube.)

Chris Brogan

"@MartinSherv...can help YOU grow your business. Smart guy. :)"

Chris Brogan - New York Times Best-selling Author