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This is social and mobile growth over the last 12 months.
Can you afford to ignore it?

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Active social media users growth

+10% (332 milion)

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Unique mobile users growth

+ 4% (219 million)

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Active mobile social users growth

+17% (283 million)



We can truly socialize your brand – getting your messages out to targeted, passionate, engaged audiences. We’ll not only build you great social audiences, but by combining a social programme with smart SEO tools, we’ll disseminate your brand voice in a truly meaningful and scalable way

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Vibrant communities need fostering and feeding – both to grow and also to keep existing members feeling highly engaged and participatory. We are experts at community building, creating a sense of belonging, honing messaging and crucially listening to your audience – giving them what they want and encouraging their contribution

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Of course, we know all this activity needs function as well as form. We are specialists in all KPI analytics and will be able to deliver real-time results based on your specific needs. Working both predictively and reactively, we can modify messaging, positioning and approach in order to magnify results and achieve goals

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360 video, Virtual Reality and the future of privacy

Virtual Reality and the Future of Privacy

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Have you tried virtual reality yet?
Well, if you haven’t then you cannot imagine ‘how real’ it may be.


In the past 6 years I have lived on the road travelling between the tens of cities in UK, USA, Brazil, Kazakhstan (to name just a few).

Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Tools

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The tools I use to create my content.

I thought I would give you a list of my daily tools…
(none of the links are affiliate links, btw)

To create Videos:

What is Slack

How to use Slack for community building

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How to Build a Community using Slack

In my recent quick guide to community building I mention how we are now using Slack to build communities, even though it is very much a ‘team tool’.

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