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HubSpot Consulting and implementation Cost Members
Consulting (per hour) £250 £125
Online training (per session) £350 £175
HubSpot implementation (per hour) £125 £70

Prices listed are ex-VAT.

3 Monthly Retainers: Small, Medium and Large

SMALL - £3500
50 hours/month

That’s about 2.5 hours a day

  • Up to 4 hours consulting/training
  • Turnaround SLA 72 hours on most tasks
  • Ideal for ongoing web dev
  • Includes basic design tasks


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I've known Martin for years but have only recently hired him and his agency to work with. I've been really impressed with their service, results and am looking forward to working together again on another project. Martin and is team are not only extremely knowledgeable, but their communication and simply getting stuff done promptly is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended.

Lilach Bullock
Lilach Bullock Limited
MEDIUM - £5250
75 hours/month
That’s about 5 hours a day 
  • Up to 8 hours consulting/training
  • Turnaround SLA 48 hours on most tasks
  • Inc. Web Dev, Design, HubSpot technical consulting


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Focus, energy and results

Martin and Elisa have invested in fully understanding our business, its goals and apirations and they make sure our digital efforts get the desired results. And they do this with energy, razer-sharp focus and brains! Many make agencies claim to 'partnering' their clients, but few really support through fair weather and foul. Martin and Elisa are a rare exception; thinking problems through and troubleshooting where needed. They are also very nice people to work with!

Alex Swann
Cansford Laboratories
LARGE - £7000
100 hours/month
That’s about 5 hours a day
  • Up to 16 hours consulting/training
  • Turnaround SLA 36 hours on most tasks
  • You'll feel we're 100% part of your team


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Perfect outsource partner

To whom it may concern. Martin and Elisa from Plus Your Business! have to date surpassed our expectations of working with a HubSpot Partner. They have truly 'got under the bonnet' of our business, and have been diligent in supporting our teams across 'Sales and Marketing' and processing functions. They have so far delivered more than conventional agencies we have used in the past and we expect this to continue. As such, we are delighted to recommend their services to those entrepreneurs who wish to scale their business. At Just Cash Flow Plc we partner with well run, ambitious, growing companies - Plus Your Business! fits that statement.

John Davies
JLG Group Plc
Rolling 30 day contract; 30 day payment terms.

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