HubSpot Services

We are exclusively ‘HubSpot’, and offer the Sales, Marketing and CRM solutions below…

HubSpot CRM: implementation/management

♦ Define deals stages, custom fields
♦ Initial CRM data migration
♦ Lead routing and ongoing audits
♦ Built custom views for reps
♦ Built custom reports for manager
♦ CRM data ongoing cleanup

Sales and Marketing Alignment

♦ Buyer personas
♦ Defining MQLs/SQLs
♦ Reporting on activity and outputs
♦ Developing supporting content for sales teams
♦ Establishing accountability between sales/marketing

Sales Enablement

♦ Email template creation and optimisation
♦ Sequence create and optimisation
♦ Sales document library
♦ Case study creation
♦ Prospecting automation with meeting links
♦ Implement messages app

Marketing Services

Content creation (video, image, text)
♦ Professional specialist writer recruitment
♦ Organic Traffic generation
♦ Marketing Qualified Lead targeting
♦ Adwords, LinkedIn and Facebook ad management
♦ Attribution, Analytics and Reporting
♦ ‘Goal driven’ workflows
♦ Email and newsletter management

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