The Challenge

In 2019 we attended Inbound in Boston. On the second day we received a phone call from Marie, asking for Onboarding help. She had signed up to HubSpot's own Onboarding service, but found them to be too 'hands off' for her needs.

The Solution

We created a bespoke Onboarding program, including face-to-face training sessions to ensure Marie and the team were making the most of HubSpot's tools.

"HubSpot Onboarding"


We turned to Plus Your Business after finding the initial onboarding experience with HubSpot too generic for our business needs. Martin and Elisa stepped in and provided a very Pro, tailored and speedy service face to face with our team. Exactly what we were looking for. Ongoing support after the initial sessions proved swift and easy, particularly as Elisa understood our business needs and could provide targeted advice. We would highly recommend them as a valuable alternative to the standard onboarding package offered by HubSpot.

Marie de Tito Mount
Westbourne School