HubSpot Onboarding

The HubSpot programme is limited to just the technical elements. We provide so much more!
When we onboard HubSpot clients we create a tailor-made and unique service to fit your needs, starting with a video call where we can establish your goals, needs and requirements and define the systems we need to integrate with the HubSpot CRM.
  • Creating your team’s accounts
  • Linking your domains and DNS
  • Connecting social media accounts
  • CRM integration
  • Setting up workflows and lead management processes 
  • Applying Hubspot tracking code
  • Setting IP filters
  • Uploading logos, favicons and other brand materials
  • Configuring company colours
  • Linking or creating the blog
  • Developing CAN-SPAM
  • Building redirects
  • Importing your contacts
  • Creating custom contact properties 
  • Setting up sub-domains for HubSpot pages to sit on
  • Building  landing pages, thank you pages
  • Building emails and forms 
If you sign up with Plus Your Business as your HubSpot Partner we will give you discounted
on-boarding as follows until end of 2020.

Marketing Pro

£655 a month
(£823 a month @ 5000 contacts)
HubSpot on-boarding: £2,450
Plus Your Business! on-boarding: £995

= 59% discount

Sales Pro

£410 a month
HubSpot: £205 Quick Start Consultation required
Plus Your Business! £160.50

= 20% discount

Growth Pro – Sales, Marketing, Service

£1,047 a month
(£1,173 a month @ 5000 contacts)
HubSpot on-boarding: £2,860
Plus Your Business! on-boarding: £1,495

= 47% discount

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