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What is it?

From December 2021, small businesses will be able to get free impartial advice on how technology can boost their performance through a new online platform.

Eligible businesses will also be able to get a discount of up to 50% on the costs of approved software, worth up to £5,000. Vouchers are initially expected to be available for software that helps businesses:

  • build customer relationships and increase sales
  • make the most of selling online
  • manage their accounts and finances digitally

Plus Your Business were great to work with. We had to set up a CRM primarily for reporting, rather than for sales or marketing activity. Martin really took the time to understand what we needed from a system for our unique project and came up with some great suggestions to keep the costs within our budget.

Then, once the work started Elisa was very knowledgeable, responsive and understanding when we needed extra support to meet our targets. Thank you for the service! Phil

Phil Golding
Strategic Development Network (May 2020)

All businesses will be able to benefit from free online advice on the platform.

The voucher is expected to be available to UK business that:

  • employ between 5 and 249 employees and are registered at Companies House
  • have been trading for more than 12 months
  • are purchasing the discounted software for the first time

Full details on the businesses and software eligible for the voucher will be published December 2021.

Who is it for?


Martin was a great help to myself and my team. We were new to Hubspot and Martin took us through the basic stuff... and the fancy stuff. His teaching style is lively and energetic while still remaining considered and empathetic.

Aimee Bateman

Will HubSpot be eligible?

Right now, we don't know the details - but as a HubSpot Partner we've reached out to our team internally to find out more.

In the meantime, we are packaging up a Deal for 'Onboarding' that will help reduce the overall cost of your first year of HubSpot.

If you would like an update and to register your interest with us, please simply click the button below and I'll be back ASAP.

Marie de tito Mount

We turned to Plus Your Business after finding the initial onboarding experience with HubSpot too generic for our business needs.
Martin and Elisa stepped in and provided a very professional, tailored and speedy service face to face with our team. Exactly what we were looking for.
Ongoing support after the initial sessions proved swift and easy, particularly as Elisa understood our business needs and could provide targeted advice.
We would highly recommend them as a valuable alternative to the standard onboarding package offered by HubSpot

Marie de Tito Mount
Group Director of Marketing, Westbourne School

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