The Challenge

HLK are Patent Attourneys, with clients all over the world. They came to use as wanted a modern CRM set up, which could be customised to their use case.

The Solution

This was the first time we encountered the requirement of moving from Goldmine CRM to HubSpot (but not the last). The first job was a sustantial amount of data structuring, to get it ready for import. Then a considerable focus on customising HubSpot so the right people (and only those people) could see the correct information. The result was a highly customised solution, with lots of team training on the nuances.

"Very easy to work with"


Martin and Elisa took the time to really understand our requirements and were always available to answer any questions we had, even before we formally engaged them. We needed a lot of support to set up and roll out HubSpot and Martin and Elisa were there every step of the way.

Beth Brown