The Challenge

The Yoello team are real tech pros themselves, and had configured HubSpot to a really good level - but their 'Deal Pipelines' had grown out of control.

The Solution

We performed an audit on the Deal Pipelines, and putting into a spreadsheet - with a) Stage, and b) Automations, easy to assess. From there, we consulted on their existing processes and decided to reduce the number of Pipelines from 13 to 2. This then required movement of Deals to the correct new stage, before deleting the Pipelines - whilst being aware of any automations that could be triggered.

"Deal Pipeline Cleaning and Automation"


Clear, concise and effective. Dynamic duo Martin and Elisa were quick to highlight our challenges, suggest possible actions, assist with deployment and follow through all the way to the completion. We were lucky to have their PRO experience.

Justin Marsh