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Enterprise Ops questions


New EnterpriseOps

Do you or your IT team already use ‘Single Sign On’ for other apps?
Do your Directors/IT team want control over user logins/passwords?

Custom Objects


Where is your data housed? Does your data fit into a Contact/Company/Deal type structure?

Advanced admin tools


Are your users going to be technically minded, or do you want the ability to log into their systems to help with set-up?



Do you ever want different members on the same team to see different information on the same records?



Do your IT team/Developers test things before going live?



Do you want to report on data captured during Sales or Service teams’ conversations? Do you have recurring revenue?
Do you want to automate sales outreach based on the contact’s actions?
Do your sales team members ever complain the leads are not as good as ‘marketing’ thinks they are?
Do you want to (or do you already) use HubSpot Quotes?
Do you want to give access to private web content?
Can you see the advantage of having a database of content that could be injected into web pages/landing pages and emails?
Do you have website traffic (inc. landing pages) that you think could convert better?
Do you have an app that you want to connect to HubSpot? (and track logins and other events)
Do you have a data scientist on your team?



Do you want to prevent people being able to edit specific fields on records? Would you like information on records to appear differently when people change from, e.g. prospects to customers?
Do you have information unique to your business that would help to have as ‘searchable’?
Are you looking to have calculations performed within HubSpot based upon information in other properties?
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