connects patients with care providers for addiction treatment, mental health support, and physical therapy. The innovative platform provides a national network consisting of 5,000+ providers. currently makes 3,200+ patient-provider connections every week.

The Challenge for Rehab wanted to continue growing as an organisation and improve its business processes. The company needed to access the untapped capabilities of HubSpot. Also, to set up new workflows for the sales team.

The original team members that set up HubSpot had left the company, creating a knowledge gap. was reluctant to make any changes in HubSpot in case it “broke” the existing setup.

The Solution by PYB

There were no immediate plans to hire an internal replacement for the HubSpot duties. The company decided to use a specialist consultancy for HubSpot. It would help them to fill their knowledge gap.

The consultancy was looking for needed to:

  • Change existing workflows to help the company get the best from HubSpot
  • Work together to understand and shape the business processes
  • Set up new workflows that would benefit the sales team contacted Plus Your Business (PYB) for support with HubSpot. The consultation process worked as follows:

  • advised everything about their current setup in HubSpot. Also, what they already knew about HubSpot and its capabilities
  • PYB assessed what the company was currently doing on HubSpot and what they wanted to do on the platform
  • modelled the internal processes for PYB. The company also detailed the different workflows they needed for the business.
  • The development was dependent on HubSpot's structure. PYB advised how to build out each specific area in the HubSpot platform.

During the process, PYB had regular meetings with the sales team to show the progress. PYB cross-checked the workflows to check alignment with the ones mapped by PYB also checked the required output from HubSpot. was grateful PYB took the time to understand the business setup at the company. This open collaboration between both companies helped to speed up the process. It also ensured received the best solution available.

Dan Rivette, the Chief Operating Officer for, said,

Businesses are businesses, and at a high level, are very similar. But when you get into the details, everyone has nuanced approaches, special customers, segments, and unique activities. PYB took the time to understand our unique activities and how we wanted to develop our workflows.

The Results now has a better understanding of HubSpot since working with PYB. This knowledge has helped them to create a solid foundation for business growth. The company can now adapt HubSpot at any point to match its business needs.

The company was already using automations and sequences in HubSpot before the PYB consultation. However, the automations and sequences needed to match the sales funnel correctly.

Through the support of PYB, has been able to use the full power of HubSpot. The company now has a much cleaner and more automated system. The system better supports the sales team and aligns with the company’s future strategy.

Automation in HubSpot has helped

  • Reduce effort on reporting tasks, as the data extraction process is easier
  • Capture the correct data at the right time
  • Gain an understanding of where deals get stuck in the workflow
  • Collate enough information from customers during customer engagement
  • Place accessible and valuable information in the cloud

"Excellent Consulting Services"


Every meeting with Martin and Elisa proved to be extremely helpful and educational in learning how to use HubSpot for our business needs. They were a joy to work with, and they helped us solve some quite complex issues in HubSpot all while teaching us how to use the software to our advantage. I would highly recommend them to anyone using HubSpot, whether just getting started or looking to optimize their existing processes.

Nicholas Shaffer
Technical Project Manager